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In 2016, the largest Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair in Asia was successfully closed on October 30. Autumn Lantern Show has always been the focus of traditional lighting and lighting technology industry event. At the same time, Hong Kong International Outdoor & Technology Lighting Fair on October 26 to carry out with the Autumn Light Fair to form the world's largest lighting and lighting products business platform, the two brought together more than 3,000 exhibitors from 37 countries and regions exhibitors, Hong Bao Technology as the industry The most competitive lighting company, its innovative ideas, high-quality products shine at the show, the Autumn Lights Fair in the past, hombo Technology booth popularity, consulting, negotiating the number rose sharply every day at home and abroad Customer onlookers.


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Over the years, hombo Technology has been focusing on the high-efficiency and energy-saving opto-electronic high-tech industry and won more than 150 core patents. At the same time, More than 200 honorary titles, products sold in more than 120 countries, to meet more than 30 national certification, professional team for domestic and foreign merchants in the safe use of products, product use process and other issues provide solutions. With the theme of "Returning to Quality to Return to Nature", this exhibition will pay more attention to quality and return to the application of light, making the products more suitable for people's use requirements. Especially on LED street lamps and garden lights, the products are further optimized on the basis of the original ones, and the luminous efficiency is further improved. Many merchants reached the intention directly after negotiating with our team on the spot and proposed the requirement of visiting the headquarters .


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Just four days of exhibition time for hombo Technology harvest. This is not only a LED technology and product display platform, but also a grand event in the industry! In the future, hombo Technology will continue to innovate in research and development, improve product performance and quality of the road, has been steadfast to go!


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