Wangcheng Avenue illuminates the dream of the ancient capital and the road of people's livelihood


In September 2019, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the high-profile main line of the north and south of the Wangcheng Avenue Expressway in Luoyang City was completed.

A brand-new viaduct is like a long dragon running through the north and south of Luocheng. It is more like a beautiful flying rainbow. It illuminates the unimpeded dream of the ancient capital Luoyang and sets up a brand new road of people's livelihood. ————Excerpted from Luoyang Daily


The construction of Wangcheng Avenue Expressway runs through the north and south of the central city, with a total length of 19.5 kilometers. It crosses the Longhai Railway and Luohe River, quickly connects Luobei and Luolong, and connects to urban hubs such as Luoyang Airport and Luoyang Longmen Station Comprehensive Transportation Hub. It is of great significance to the north-south traffic of downtown Luoyang.

HOMBO Technology Co., Ltd., in line with the characteristics of Wangcheng Avenue, combines art and lighting to cater to the cultural needs of local citizens, and integrates local cultural and artistic atmosphere into LED lighting. Achieve the theme lighting products of the "good luck" series.






“Ruyi Lamp”——Inspired by the allusion of “good luck”, borrowing the meaning of “prosperity and wealth”, the unique lamp body makes the whole lamp show a sense of slimming. From the completion of the project, it has been widely used by users and local citizens. Love.



Since the construction of Wangcheng Avenue in Luoyang City, HOMBO Technology has combined the characteristics of the road, and special function lighting products such as tunnel lights, guardrail lights and sound barrier lights have emerged. The use of their own lighting functions in different sections of the road brings convenience to the citizens who travel, and the quality of the products also gives the citizens a confidence and peace of mind.




HOMBO Technology pays attention to brand building and promotion. Since its establishment, it has won: “China Energy Conservation Product Certification”, “National Key New Product”, “Guangdong Famous Brand Product”, “Guangdong Famous Brand Enterprise”, and “City and Road” Honorary qualifications for the lighting engineering professional contractor level, "Special Grade A qualification for lighting engineering design".

       Based on independent research and development and innovation, HOMBO has established cooperative relations with many well-known universities such as South China University of Technology, Jinan University and Guangdong University of Technology, and successfully established the COB Outdoor Lighting Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province. Our company is in the leading position in the research, development and application of semiconductor lighting. In the development of new technologies and new products, we have invested a large amount of research and development funds every year, and successfully achieved major breakthroughs in high-power LED secondary optical systems, thermal design systems, circuit drive systems, and streetlight communication intelligent control systems. The project has its own core intellectual property rights.