HOMBO's other smart streetlight project officially put into use

Guizhou wisdom lighting


Recently, the technicians of Hongbao Technology completed the task of debugging the smart street lamps in Qionggong County in eastern Guizhou, which enabled the local smart streetlight projects to be completed and officially put into use.

This is the first intelligent lighting project in Qigong County with lighting functions, WIFI hotspots, billboard functions, urban audio broadcasting, street lighting intelligent adjustment, public security video surveillance, etc., which makes the modernization of the city of Gonggong County Going up a new level.

This is also the case of Hongbao Technology's successful smart streetlights in many smart streetlight projects at home and abroad, so that more people can enjoy the convenience and wisdom of Hongbao Technology.


Hongbao Smart Street Light Application

 Hongbao Smart Street Light Monitoring System is designed for the application platform of smart city management system. It adopts advanced information technology such as Internet of Things and cloud computing to centrally manage the management focus information and production factor information of lighting facilities and other urban facilities. The information database is the support to realize centralized management and sharing of urban engineering management, greatly improving the efficiency of urban management and improving the level of public services.



Hongbao smart street lamp module application

1. Intelligent lighting adjustment system

Unified intelligent dimming of street lamps, intelligent control, and secondary energy saving.

2. Environmental Monitoring System

The urban sensor network system is constructed to seamlessly monitor temperature and humidity, PM2.5, and urban atmospheric environment.

3. Wireless wifi AP site

Use the street light pole to quickly build a free wifi system in the city, saving construction costs and improving the city's image.

4. Video Security Monitoring System

Accelerate the construction and improvement of public safety monitoring to provide a safer living environment for the general public.

5. Urban Broadcasting System

The background music broadcast, system timing management and fire emergency broadcast are integrated to realize automatic switching.

6. LED display (advertising, information release)

Publish public information in a timely manner and provide advertising rental services.

7. Charging pile

Efficient use of street lighting grid resources, electricity and distribution resources saved by lighting for electric vehicle charging.

8. Manhole cover positioning system

Avoid incidents of injury and damage caused by defects in the manhole cover facilities.

9. Water level detection system

Timely monitoring of water level dynamic information in key locations to provide a basis for decision-making.

10. One button help alarm system

Synchronize the situation on the spot and respond quickly to ensure the public security and life safety of the people.


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Smart city will become the high quality standard for urban construction with Chinese characteristics, and smart street lamp is one of the most comprehensive and quantitative hardware construction in smart city construction. Hongbao Technology has rich experience in outdoor lighting and research and development of smart street lamps. The application is in the forefront of the industry. In the future, Hongbao Technology is determined to build a quality brand of smart street lamps!