Xicheng Express Line is an important road connecting Zhanjiang West High Speed Rail Station and Zhanjiang Main City. It is planned to start from the North Station Road in the east and cross the Lizhan Railway to Shugang Avenue in the west, with a total length of 7.35 kilometers. After the completion of the project, the public will travel from Chikan District to West Railway Station in about 10 minutes. Urban and high-speed rail stations will enter a new era of seamless switching. After the trial run, HOMBO Technology once again let the fruits of wisdom shine on the land of the motherland!

Let's take a look at the perfect combination of Xicheng Express and HOMBO Technology.







Looking at the long jump, the lamppost is like a huge silver sword, piercing the night sky; the street lamp is like a dazzling pearl in the dark, smashing away, endless.

This project uses HOMBO's independent research and development products:

HB-168B, the lamp adopts a high-efficiency configuration, and the overall lighting effect is above 130 lumens.


1, IP66 waterproof;

2. Modular high-efficiency light source with well-designed secondary light distribution system;

3. Adjustable installation angle;

4, aluminum alloy integrated heat dissipation shell, can expand the power supply warehouse;

5, power 60W ~ 300W.


Based on the people-oriented and intellectual development as the core development path, HOMBO Technology has been committed to the research and development of energy conservation, environmental protection and smart application. It is determined to realize the high-tech and high-tech cost through HOMBO products as a daily tool that is more common and more popular. To help and enrich the traffic and daily life of the majority of owners and users, HOMBO's mission is to provide customers with the highest quality outdoor lighting products.