This issue of HOMBO product applications, with you about "fence lighting," the actual application project, take you along with the ancient city of Luoyang ... ...


Guardrail lighting - application stories


Fence lighting test equipment test


Sound barrier light test equipment test



Fence lighting lighting acceptance

West Xiyuan Bridge from the west, the ancient city of Jinchengzhai Street east of the first phase of a full trial run through the city; Wangcheng Avenue wear ancient city road tunnel two-way release; Binhe South Road wear ancient city road two-way release... Since October, Luoyang's media have reported the opening of the ancient city of the fast lane news, the general public rushed to tell friends and relatives to share this good news for the convenience and convenience.

In order to tie in with the project by the way, HOMBO technology research and development team day and night according to project needs, design, development of hombo's own patented technology fence lighting, with hombo people high-quality products, professional technology and efficient response speed, Perfect caring service to complete this challenging project, the achievements of hombo Technology and a new milestone witness.

Smart night city elves


Take a dip in the night view of the Old City Road in Luoyang and admire the glittering and moving lights on both sides of the road

Although the fence lighting LED outdoor lighting, not the mainstream product object, but its role and importance for the city lighting, is gradually into the eyes of people, as the bright ancient city of Luoyang.

hombo Technology R & D and manufacturing LED outdoor lighting products, has been committed to meet the needs of the majority of owners and the use of the crowd, concerned about the current trend of urban lighting, determined to lead the LED outdoor lighting into a higher and further mileage.