Risk prevention, hidden dangers, and accidents - HOMBO safety responsibility work training


Safety responsibility work

In order to effectively strengthen the production safety and fire prevention work of Hongbao Company, the safety awareness and self-rescue ability of Hongbao employees to “safe production above everything else!” will be improved. On the occasion of the safe production month, in response to the spirit of “anti-risk, hidden dangers, and accidents”, Hongbao Technology Co., Ltd. and the New City Community Safety Office jointly held “safe production, fire protection knowledge training and emergency drills”.


Classroom scene

The Xinshi Community Safety Office personnel explained in detail the interpretation of the Production Safety Law, the basic knowledge of mechanical safety production and prevention, high-altitude operations, electric shock prevention, electrical fire, fire emergency disposal, daily life safety, and the use of fire extinguishers.

Focusing on the importance and necessity of safety production and fire safety, the safety office personnel showed the real cases of some safety production accidents to the personnel of Hongbao Technology, so that they can raise awareness of preventing safety accidents from some accident injury cases!20190701134010905.jpg

Drilling scene

Subsequently, all personnel conducted on-site operations on the correct use and maintenance of fire extinguishers and indoor fire hydrants. The instructors taught you how to use fire extinguishers to let employees experience the use of fire extinguishers. During the exercise, everyone actively cooperated and treated each link with rigorous and serious attitude, and truly realized the combination of theory and practice.

The training exercise has further improved the fire safety awareness of the participants, mastered the basic knowledge of fire protection and the initial fire prevention methods, and comprehensively raised the awareness of preventing risks, removing hidden dangers and curbing accidents!




Responsibility for safe production

Hongbao Company has always advocated and strengthened the business philosophy of safety above all else. It conducts all-round safety production training for all employees on a regular basis every year. In daily work, it is required to take the responsibility of “safety and responsibility”.

From safe production to product quality, Hongbao has been implementing high standards and high standards! Let Hongbao people become a member of “Hongbao's safe production and quality products”.