Hongbao Technology "Double A" qualification


On June 5, 2019, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development promulgated the "Announcement on the Qualification List of the Fifth Batch of Construction Enterprises in 2019", which showed that Hongbao Technology Co., Ltd. successfully obtained the "Special Grade A for Lighting Engineering Design".

As a result, Hongbao Technology has successfully entered the ranks of “Double A” enterprises (“Classification of Urban and Road Lighting Engineering” and “Special Grade A for Lighting Engineering Design”), and set foot on the 2019 new sailing.


In the past six years of unremitting efforts, Hongbao Technology Co., Ltd. finally ushered in fruitful results in 2019 - to become a "double-a" (classified qualification for urban and road lighting engineering, and a special qualification for lighting engineering design). At the same time, it is the first and only one in Zhongshan. It fills the gap in the Zhongshan lighting industry without “double armor”. With the help of this excellent news, it has integrated several partners in key regions of the country to quickly promote the market. Ascension, Hongbao Technology began a new start.

What is a "double A" enterprise?

The domestic “Double A” enterprise refers to the enterprise that has the corresponding engineering professional contracting qualification and the special engineering design Grade A qualification. The "Special Grade A for Lighting Engineering Design" is the highest level of qualification in the lighting industry and the most rigorous evaluation criteria. The enterprises that can obtain this qualification are all elite enterprises in the lighting industry.


This special qualification certificate not only makes Hongbao Technology become a “double-a” enterprise, but also a strong proof of Hongbao’s product quality, design level and comprehensive strength.

Since 2005, Hongbao Technology has focused on outdoor LED lighting products. Its quality products have spread all over the world and even the world. Smart street lamps, LED street lamps, customized lamps and lighting fixtures have been introduced, and high-quality products have been developed in every application place. effect.

Hongbao excellent case








“Double A” is not only an honor for Hongbao Technology, but also a greater sense of responsibility for Hongbao Technology. I believe that standing on the high standard of this industry, Hongbao Technology can create more Better products and faster and better service.

Hongbao Technology pays attention to brand building and promotion. Since its establishment, it has won: “China Energy Conservation Product Certification”, “National Key New Product”, “Guangdong Famous Brand Product”, “Guangdong Famous Brand Enterprise”, and “City and Road” Honorary qualifications for the lighting engineering professional contractor level, "Special Grade A qualification for lighting engineering design".

       Based on independent research and development and innovation, Hongbao has established cooperative relations with many well-known universities such as South China University of Technology, Jinan University and Guangdong University of Technology, and successfully established the COB Outdoor Lighting Engineering Technology Research Center of Guangdong Province. Our company is in the leading position in the research, development and application of semiconductor lighting. In the development of new technologies and new products, we have invested a large amount of research and development funds every year, and successfully achieved major breakthroughs in high-power LED secondary optical systems, thermal design systems, circuit drive systems, and streetlight communication intelligent control systems. The project has its own core intellectual property rights.