HOMBO Technology Co., Ltd. has always been enthusiastic about public welfare, taking social responsibility with practical actions, integrating wisdom and creativity, and bringing quality and professional lighting products and services to the national cities and even the world.


"Quality, efficiency, professionalism, service" is the core value of HOMBO Technology, and it is the standard of work that HOMBO Technology has focused on for outdoor LED lighting business for many years.

I was able to show the spirit of HOMBO Technology and the enthusiasm of the public interest to the community at the annual feast of charity and people. For the sake of HOMBO’s family, these smiles are satisfied...





Use "light of wisdom" to light up the "path of hope", which is the corporate public welfare goal of HOMBO Science and Technology. Since the establishment of HOMBO Technology, the products have illuminated many cities across the country, and they have also illuminated many charity hearts. Chen Xinghai Hospital's donation of lamps, community care for the elderly, Red Cross donation projects, support for sponsoring school groups...


What charity needs is not a slogan, but a perseverance! HOMBO Technology can stand in the outdoor LED lighting industry for many years, and it has also been insisted on and created with this tenacity.

If you have love, you can grow up, and a caring company can flourish.

HOMBO Technology hopes that friends from all walks of life can shoulder social responsibilities together.

Create a charity and charity!