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Hongbao Technology Co., Ltd. (stock code: 835657) has been developing and manufacturing high-quality LED high-power LED street lights, tunnel lights, floodlights, wall washers, garden lights and other LED lighting products for many years. Its products have passed many international certifications such as CQC, CSA, CE, RoHS, UL, etc., and established "production, learning, research" cooperation relationship with many well-known universities such as South China University of Technology, Jinan University, Guangdong University of Technology. With more than 100 own core patent technologies, with strong scientific research strength, perfect testing methods, strict management system, follow-up after-sales service and satisfactory service system, we will continue to innovate and take “the quality brand of smart street lamps” as our vision. With the mission of “providing the best quality outdoor lighting products to customers”, we are determined to make “Made in China” a symbol of quality products and create a brilliant future together.

Recruitment position

regional manager

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, with the lighting industry as the career development direction;

2. Those who have worked in the same industry and have customer resources are preferred;

3. Have strong negotiation and business communication skills;

4. There is a strong desire to succeed and make money. In recognition, work should be honest, diligent, persistent, and innovative.

foreign trade salesman

Job Requirements

1. English level 4 or above, good literacy and oral expression skills;

2. Have a certain knowledge of foreign trade, understand the process of foreign trade, and have experience in separate negotiations;

3. Cheerful and lively, with strong social skills;

4. Those who have experience in lighting foreign trade or experience in e-commerce platform are preferred.


Job Requirements

1. Regularly complete the quantitative work requirements under the leadership and supervision of the superiors, and independently handle and solve the tasks that are responsible;

2. Track the production schedule of the order and the ERP system, and arrange the delivery of the product;

3. Responsible for the application, collection and distribution of samples, and receiving sales assistance services such as customers;

4. Organize the handling of customer complaints or returns and feedback the results to the office or customer.


Lighting product engineering designer

Job Requirements

1. More than three years working experience in landscape lighting product design;

2. Responsible for the design and development of outdoor lighting products;

3, skilled use of 2D, 3D design software, such as Solidworks, AutoCAD, Pro-E, UG, etc.;

4. Familiar with the processes of die casting, stretching and sheet metal;

5. Familiar with product cost estimation, product design and development schedule control and cost control.

structural engineer

Job Requirements

1. Proficiency in PROE or SOLIDWORKS drawing and design;

2. Proficiency in AUTOCAD drawing;

3. Familiar with OFFICE related tabulation and documentation;

4. Have a certain understanding of the production processes of hardware, plastics and glass;

5. Have a certain understanding of the safety regulations of outdoor LED lamps such as UL and CE;

6, can independently complete the product structure design, and technology tracking from development to trial production, with BOM and SOP production experience;

7. Experience in LED outdoor product development;

8. Have a commitment, strong sense of responsibility, be able to independently plan the progress and follow up in a timely manner;

9. More than 2 years working experience in the R&D department of the lighting factory.

Landscape lighting solution designer

Job Requirements

1. Skilled in 3DMax, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Flash and other software;

2. Have relevant professional field work experience, night scene / light effect / product development and other related knowledge;

3. More than two years experience in landscape lighting design;

4. Understand the priority of lighting product technology.

Solution designer

Job Requirements

1. Skilled in 3DMax, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Flash and other software;

2. Have relevant work experience in related fields, product development and other related knowledge;

3. More than two years experience in designing LED street light solutions;

4. Understand the priority of street lamp production process;

5, good professionalism and team spirit; have strong learning and analytical skills.

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