Cai Hong, deputy mayor of Zhaotong Municipal Party Committee, visited Yunnan HOMBO to guide the work.


In 2019, the President of the State put forward the "eight sentences" as the key point for poverty alleviation:

1. "Do not win, never win."

2. "The more important you are, the more you must strengthen your confidence."

3. “You can't get rid of poverty, reduce standards, and influence color.”

4. “Make sure the target remains the same and the bull's-eye is not scattered”

5, "To rectify the problem is not soft"

6. "The more you go to the last moment, the more you have to slam the drums."

7, "can not immediately withdraw the stalls, squatting, rest feet"

8. “Ensuring pragmatic poverty alleviation, solid poverty alleviation, and real poverty alleviation”

Win-win basis

As an important fulcrum of China's “Belt and Road” and the development strategy of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Zhaotong City is rich in resources, rich in water and electricity, large in market scale, and convenient in transportation and logistics. With the in-depth development of the counterparts in Fujian and Guangdong, it has already had the conditions to undertake industrial transfer and realize the common development of government and enterprises.

Hongbao Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design, research and development, production and sales of lighting products. It is a leading company in Zhongshan lighting products. Its products are sold at home and abroad and are widely used in outdoor lighting and other fields. Companies adhere to the user-centered, quality as life, play an advantage, pioneering and innovative, and strive to build a domestic first-class, international leading lighting products leading enterprises.

Hongbao Science and Technology adheres to the party's guidance and responds to the poverty alleviation of the central, provincial and municipal governments. In Zhaodong City, Yunnan Province, which was assisted by poverty in Zhongshan in 2018, the joint venture between the two governments promoted the joint venture with Zhaotong City to build Yunnan Hongbao Wisdom. Light Technology Co., Ltd. After half a year of construction investment, Yunnan Hongbao Technology Wisdom Light Co., Ltd. has been put into production all over the world, making positive and positive positive impacts on local and surrounding urban construction.


On June 12, Zhao Hong, member of the Standing Committee of Zhaotong Municipal Party Committee and deputy mayor, visited Yunnan Hongbao Technology Wisdom Light Co., Ltd. to communicate and guide with the relevant person in charge of Yunnan Hongbao, and continue to support the enterprise to become bigger and stronger as soon as possible.


When Chairman Cao of Yunnan Hongbao explained the company's current situation, development direction and patented products to Cai Changwei, Cai Changwei fully affirmed the company's efforts and achievements in the past six months. He said: Yunnan Hongbao is a young, energetic and capable team. The company has great development prospects, full confidence in the development of Yunnan Hongbao, and believes that it has great impetus to Zhaotong's poverty alleviation work.



Finally, Cai Changwei put forward four guiding opinions on the company's development work:

First, to fully cover, the company is a new enterprise in Zhaotong. We must increase publicity efforts to cover ten counties and one district.

Second, to win the hearts and minds, sales is a gradual process. We must establish a good corporate image and become a brand name. We must enter the brain, enter the heart, and enter the lungs to let all contractors know about us, understand us, and use our products. .

Third, foster a sense of belonging among employees, so that the company always exists in the minds of employees, allowing employees to participate in corporate management and share corporate results.

Fourth, go out and introduce it. The quality of products directly affects the development of the company. Our employees should adopt the "please come in, send out" and other methods to carry out quality and skill training, so that our products and engineering quality have strong technical support.



In accordance with the party's guidance and its own characteristics, Hongbao Technology has infused the scientific and technological strength of Hongbao Science and Technology into the blessings of Zhaotong City through the integration of resources between the two places, greatly inspiring the soft and hard power of scientific and technological development and accelerating urban development.