The taxpayer credit rating refers to the level assessed by the tax authorities according to the taxpayer's performance of the taxpayer's tax credit within a certain period of time. The credit rating is evaluated once for each tax year and the levels are A, B, M, C, and D respectively. Five grades, A is the highest grade.

After a number of national assessments and assessments, the scores are more than 90 points for the A level.

The state tax authority will implement classified services and management for taxpayers of different credit ratings in accordance with the principles of trustworthy incentives and untrustworthy punishment.

For taxpayers whose tax credit rating is Class A, the tax authorities provide the following incentives:

(1) To proactively announce to the public the list of annual A-level taxpayers;

(2) The general taxpayer can receive a 3-month value-added tax invoice for a single time, and it needs to adjust the value-added tax invoice amount immediately;

(3) Ordinary invoices are received on demand;

(4) For taxpayers who have been rated as Grade A credit rating for three consecutive years (abbreviated as "3"), in addition to enjoying the above measures, the tax authority may also provide the green channel or specialized personnel to assist in tax matters;

(5) The joint incentive measures implemented by the tax authorities and relevant departments, as well as other incentive measures taken in conjunction with the local actual conditions.

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