"Hombo's products are good," "hombo people do things reliable" ...... Recognition from users and customers As always, the communication in the industry and even working life, but has always been used to self-reflection and improvement of hombo people It was gradually discovered that the desire to improve their own abilities was equally as pressing as ever in the face of an increasingly powerful team and a constantly improving product.

In view of this, hombo Science and Technology organized this outdoor expansion and look forward to allowing families to find the value of the work team can easily be ignored and complementary benefits, from which inspired to make themselves and their team can be faster, stronger, Steady rise.


7-meter-high "high-altitude bridge" and "horizontal bar", the test is in the ordinary work, courageous attempt to new improvements.

Faced with the fear of high altitude, the face of difficulties in the work, perhaps everyone has a reason to compromise, but as a part of hombo we see more is that the family cheer for us at high altitude in the work to We encourage partners.

Shooting to expand

Shopping malls such as the battlefield, the back to the family, which is the Treasure can stand out in the highly competitive market which rely on.

The power of a hundred people to gather forces, can withstand the pressure over the tons of strength, which is hombo technology has been able to overcome all difficulties, has crossed numerous difficulties of solidarity.

2017, this is not only a year, but also a high degree of unity and unity with the hombo technology, with perseverance and faith reached a height, 2017 laps, each lap is rich in every Honpo family's cry and determination!

4-meter-high graduation wall, as if the reality of all kinds of hardships. In a limited time, super-100 team have to turn over? is it possible? We really do? These usual questions of thinking really lingered in the hearts of everyone ...

However, the instructors asked: "hombo can finish it?"

Moment of an instant cries: "Yes!"


The first challenge - failure: punishment, reflection, discussion ...

Challenge the second time - failure: punished again, brainstorming, consistent goal ...

The third challenge - to make every effort, tenacity, focus, success: success!

Picnic activities

People iron rice steel, hombo people know that the principle of combining work and rest, chairman Du is even more as a chef, hard work for the expansion activities to send the family delicious food.

Little fresh flower art division line

Outreach training is a time-honored experience. There are vigorous athletic competitions, collaborative team work, and cheery cooking exchanges.

I believe in this expansion activities, more able to unite the ambition of the hombo family, hoping in the future work, continue to unite to create more and more proud of the benefits of hombo!